International Convention of Psychological Science

I helgen var Anna, Hellen och Marie i Wien för att presentera två studier om hen på ICPS (International Convention of Psychological Science). Klicka på respektive titel för att ladda ner postern i pdf-format.

Breaking gender and heterosexuality norms predicts positive attitude toward gender-neutral pronoun in Swedish
Vergoossen, H. P., Bäck, E. A., Lindqvist, A., Gustafsson Sendén, M.

Could hen reduce the gender bias in the Swedish language?
Lindqvist, A., Bäck, E. A., Gustafsson Sendén, M.

Hen har varit på konferens


I slutet av maj åkte Anna, Emma och Marie till Chicago för att presentera två studier om hen APS (Association for Psychological Science, 28th Annual Convention):

Predictors of the usage of and the attitudes toward a new gender-neutral pronoun (Bäck, Lindqvist, Vergoossen, Gustafsson Sendén)
Participants (n=1331) responded to a questionnaire about attitudes towards the recently introduced Swedish gender-neutral pronoun ‘hen’. Results showed that almost all participants used the word themselves, although the attitudes varied. Age, political views and sexism were identified as the most important factors when predicting attitudes and frequency of use.
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Contemporary Arguments Against Gender-Neutral Language (Vergoossen, Bäck, Lindqvist, Gustafsson Sendén)
Arguments against a current language reform in Swedish – the introduction of a gender-neutral third personal pronoun as a complement to she and he – were analyzed and compared to previous arguments against the introduction of double forms (he/she) in English. Although the reforms differ, the arguments are surprisingly similar.
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